About Me

Lesley Ann Candlish s.n.h.s.

An experienced and Qualified Shiatsu Practitioner-Acupuncturist-Massage Therapist and Nutritionist trained at the school of Natural Health Sciences, Berkley Square, London, achieving the highest honours available enabeling me to use the letters s.n.h.s. after my name.

Practicing and Specialsing in Shiatsu and Massage for more than 15 years, started in Tenerife Spain worked along side Michael Clark who trained in Japan in the art Shiatsu, he had a big influence on my development and techniques resulting in me accomplishing an international portfolio with clients from all over the world including Germany, Russia, Spain, Italy and Ireland. (Please see letters of recommendations)

I have dealt with many different conditions from, MS, Paraplegia, stroke victims, heart conditions and much more giving relief from pain or help with restricted movement enabling them also to get a better nights sleep and improved mobility.

Although you will experience improvements from your very first treatment, further sessions may be advised.

With every treatment of Shiatsu nutrition and life style changes advice are given to help you aceive optimum health. Good health is always at the top of my list of priorities.

Call today for free consultation 07902 899797 or email me at lesley.lafin@hotmail.com

Also available Full Body Deep Tissue Massage, Physio Massage (Back, Neck and Shoulders) Gentle Relaxation Massage, Foot Massage, Facial clay mask with Foot Massage.